December 18, 2019

Wie Wohnt Wien?

Wie Wohnt Wien?

The history of affordable living - A project developed with students at the TU Vienna in fall 2019


In times of rapidly rising housing costs, Vienna is standing strong as a positive example. Compared to other European capitals, the affordability and quality of housing in Vienna still seems to be outstanding.

“Wie Wohnt Wien?” aims to trace Vienna's secret of affordable living. To get a grip on this topic, five timelines of the last 200 years have been created. These timelines allow us to discover connections and understand developments that shine a light on the long history of affordable living in Vienna.


Valerie Felicitas Assmus

Edoardo Barbato

Carina Bliem

David Djuric

Aline Eriksson

Dana Faridani-Rad

Maria Groiss

Nina Haider

 Laura Hörhaber

Antonia Löschenkohl

Leon Frederik Scheufler

Lukas Spreitzer

Stephanie Usunova

Nadine Wimmer

Veronika Wladyga



Supervisors: Bernadette Krejs & Theo Deutinger