1. EU Tube

    February 01, 2013
    The first high speed train (HST) deployed in Europe was the railway between Florence and Rome in 1978. Since then, more than 6,600 km of HST tracks have gone into operation, and more than 11,000 km are currently planned for the European Union.
  2. World's Most Expensive Buildings

    December 01, 2012
    Realizing the world’s most expensive building is a dubious achievement. Whereas most architectural schemes are appreciated for qualities such as space, shape, composition and/or materialization, the highest-priced building stands out solely for the size of the investment that went into a single project.
  3. Street View

    October 12, 2012
    Street View Google Street View is undeniably the best-known collector of public-space imagery. Competitors like City8 (China) and Daum (all of South Korea) offer nothing comparable to the coverage provided by Google. After five years of cruising public space armed with 360° omnidirectional cameras, Google possesses a tremendous photo album...
  4. Information Graphics

    October 12, 2012
    Taschen published recently a exquisite book with a perfect cross section of the history of graphical data representation.Here in short what what Taschen writes about their book Seeing is understandingHow complex ideas can be communicated via graphics“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” —Albert...
  5. Lack Index

    October 01, 2012
    The Big Mac Index, a global cost comparison of one McDonald’s Big Mac hamburger, was introduced by The Economist in 1986. The Lack Index is a European version of the concept, because what McDonald’s is to the US, Ikea is to Europe – and Ikea’s Lack table seems to be...
  6. Grid City

    August 14, 2012
    Grid City The grid was present in every pre-modern culture in the world, including the ancient Indus Valley civilization (2600 Indus Valley civilization (2600 Aztec and Mayan settlements of the Americas (100 BC). Throughout its 5,000 years of known existence, the grid has known existence, the grid has lost none of...
  7. Skyscraper Boom >> Economic Doom

    January 10, 2012
    Almost three years after TD releases its “Sky High –Dow Low” SNOG in MARK Magazine #18,2009, Barclays Capital, one of world’s most respected financial institution, admits that a sudden irrational race for ever higher skyscrapers heralds a period of economic downturn.
  8. "Roll-On"

    January 01, 2012
    “Roll-On” is a calendar in the shape of a simplified (cylindrical) globe which is fed by a paint role. Each full rotation lets a day pass by; adding notes to the circumvention turns this calendar in a diary.
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