1. EXPO - Exchange Potential 'Mariahilf'

    November 14, 2022
    The 'EXPO – Exchange Potentials' declares a part of Mariahilf, the 6th district of Vienna, to an EXPO terrain. Existing shops, services and institutions present themselves as the economic and social glue Mariahilf’s. A map with an index together with three guided tours direct the visitors along the various participants.
  2. IKEA Walks – The Capital of World Interior

    October 17, 2018
    Imagine, it is true, and we are about to experience the end of globalization. In the long run this would mean the end of the Soccer World Cup, the Olympics, English as lingua franca, pop-music and the end of Mc Donald’s and IKEA.
  3. From City Pond to Central Park

    May 06, 2018
    In a two days workshop a quick scenario for the future development of Ekaterinburg city center has been developed. A group of 12 people tried to answer the question how the Yelstin Center can be better incorporated in its neighborhood and how it could open itself more to the outside,...
  4. Europe in Africa @ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

    August 21, 2017
    Our proposal for the new city "Europe in Africa" is presented in the exhibition "Solution or Utopia" at the Stedelijk Exhibition in Amsterdam.
  5. Ruhrmoderne Summer Academy

    August 21, 2017
    For the period of half a year, students from five universities have been part of the Ruhrmoderne Summer Academy. The focus area was Marl, a city in the north of the Ruhrgebiet, an area where in the 1960s and 1970s Germanies most radical urbanistic and architectural ideas have been realized.
  6. Social City Beta

    August 02, 2016
    TD, commissioned by droog, developed "Social City Beta". A first proposal for a future city based on all the dreams and desires of city dwellers worldwide taken from an extensive poll of the socialcities.org platform.
  7. Europe in Africa - Mail Online

    June 02, 2016
     Sara Malm from Mail Online wrote an article about our project "Europe in Africa" featuring images of the projects and an interview with Theo Deutinger.
  8. Europe in Africa - The Washington Post

    June 01, 2016
    Adam Taylor from The Washington Post wrote an article about our project "Europe in Africa" featuring images of the projects and an interview with Theo Deutinger.
  9. Ruhrmoderne - K.West Magazine

    April 18, 2016
    Theo Deutinger shared some insights of our project "Ruhrmoderne" with K.West magazine. 
  10. Ruhrmoderne

    February 07, 2016
    The aim of the Ruhrmoderne project is to develop a cultural, social and economic concept for urban and regional development based on the modern heritage of the post-war Ruhr area. Ruhrmoderne attempts to provide an alternative to the demolition or musealization of the modern heritage.
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